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At the dawn of creation, Watchers looked upon mankind from above,
and then intervened. That event is still remembered in our mythologies.

Now the story from five millennia ago has been retold in
The Descent of the Gods a Biblical action epic set during the Antediluvian age long before the Great Flood.

“Big. Bold. Brave. Descent of the Gods is an epic tale told with distinct style, tone and voice while staying respectful to the faith.”
Richard K. – Coverage Writer & Script Judge. Read More Reviews

The film screenplay is finished and available to read for free.
The book is in production.


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Story Background & Trilogy

The story is based on the account given in Genesis 6:1-4. Although brief, the story is referenced in much more detail in historical Jewish accounts, by the early church fathers, and by other extra-Biblical sources.

These sources were consulted to help fill in the story’s details, while remaining true to the Biblical account, theology, and overall context.

After watching evil spread unchecked throughout the world before the flood, angels descend in human form to intervene. But as their mortal forms are tempted by the very sins they came to eradicate, a boy and a girl from enemy tribes risk everything to ensure the angels do not fall from grace as mankind did in Eden. But not everything is as it seems, and mankind and angels will be forced to make choices that will have eternal consequences.

The Descent of the Gods will be followed by The Children of Wrath & then by The Sons of God.



The Descent of the Gods feature length movie script was finished in 2016 and accepted into both the BIG CROSS LOS ANGELES Film Festival and the International Christian Film Festival. The full screenplay can be read here.




Doing justice to the source material
I recalled seeing the movie Noah and it had beings in it called the Watchers who were fallen angels so i looked for the names of the Watchers… Your book came into the search. I started into it and was enthralled. The way you incorporated the various threads of scripture & possible mythic history is genius. I have often been intrigued by the stories in the Bible, though i wonder what the would sound like if told by a true storyteller expanding the characters to bring them full size that we can love & despise, empathize and abhor the things they must do.” Dan M.

Mind trip
“Hey there, I decided to read this for a second time. I read so quickly the first time that I wanted to slow down a bit. Your story is captivating. It’s entirely possible that these events happened. I think that’s what drew me in. Naamah is a beautiful character. I love her development. Azrael is another – to see what could have possibly made an angel fall. You put it in perspective, in a way I never would have thought – they fell as all men fall. What a mind trip. Great work.

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Plausible extension of the Biblical narrative
“This book has answered a lot of my questions,really… it’s made the little things I knew clearer. Fiction or not… I really hope that people get to read this… Great job, I really look forward to the sequels.”

I’ve read and wrestled with this passage [in Genesis] for years. I’m so happy that it hasn’t gone completely unnoticed by others. I read it all in one sitting. It was simply perfect! There were times when I felt as though I were reading out of the Bible.”

General feedback
“Just wanted to say your book is fantastic!!! I found it fascinating. I didn’t actually know anything about the Watchers until I started reading your book, and then I went onto YouTube to learn more about them. Your book has really helped me understand more. Thank you for writing and sharing your book here and giving me the opportunity to read such a brilliant telling of this!!!”

“So great!! There were many times that I had to reread something because I was either so shocked or whatever. One or two times I had goosebumps!”

The Dude Goes to the Movies 
Dude, if this becomes a movie I have already bought tickets.”

Spoilers edited out 
“I loved the story so much. I loved the ending because in the context, it seems like a feasible answer to why *spoilers* appear in every ancient culture. The plot was fantastic.”



  • The Sons of God – Men or Angels? - Dive into the ancient writings that set the foundation for the story. The Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient historians and mythology - they all tell the same story.
  • Writing ‘The Descent of the Gods’ - The epic story of the Nephilim, Watchers, and the Antediluvians that opposed them, as written about in the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Josephus and more!
  • Biblical fiction – What are the rules? - Rules for writing Christian fiction based on the Bible and incorporating extra-Biblical sources in a respectful and reasonable way.



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