descent-of-the-gods-book-cover-trans--smThe Descent of the Gods is a Biblical action epic set in the Antediluvian Age after Creation and before Noah’s Flood.

“Big. Bold. Brave. Descent of the Gods is an epic tale told with distinct style, tone and voice while staying respectful to the faith.” – Richard K. Coverage Writer & Script Judge

“The imaginative and gripping plot keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wonder – ‘Why hasn’t anyone told this story before?’ If you are expecting just another Biblically inspired story, you’ll be surprised. ” – Oliver K.

The movie screenplay is finished and available to read for free. The book will be published in 2019. Follow the progress of the book on Facebook, and check out the BLOG for updates!

Book Trailer


The story is based on the brief account given in Genesis 6:1-4. This account, although only briefly mentioned in the Bible, is referenced in much more detail in historical Jewish accounts, by the early church fathers, and by other extra-Biblical sources.

These sources were consulted to help fill in the story’s details, while remaining true to the Biblical account, theology, and overall context.

After watching evil spread unchecked throughout the world before the flood, angels descend in human form to intervene. But as their mortal forms are tempted by the very sins they came to eradicate, a boy and a girl from enemy tribes risk everything to ensure the angels do not fall from grace as mankind did in Eden. But not everything is as it seems, and mankind and angels will be forced to make choices that will have eternal consequences.

The Descent of the Gods will be followed by The Children of Wrath & then by The Sons of God. These sequels are currently in active development.

Music inspired by the story