Prologues – Cliché or Powerful?

"Begin as late in the story as possible" "show, don't tell" "No info dumps!" But won't the reader need to know all the background history that set up the complex world and events that unfold in the very first chapters? Yes, the reader does want to know more, but first they need to have a … Continue reading Prologues – Cliché or Powerful?

The Sons of God – Men or Angels?

Dive into the ancient writings that set the foundation for the story. The Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient historians and mythology - they all tell the same story.

Writing ‘The Descent of the Gods’

The epic story of the Nephilim, Watchers, and the Antediluvians that opposed them, as written about in the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Josephus and more!

Biblical fiction – What are the rules?

Rules for writing Christian fiction based on the Bible and incorporating extra-Biblical sources in a respectful and reasonable way.

Naming ‘The Descent of the Gods’

The story behind the story of the ancient nephilim, Watchers before Noah's flood as recorded in the Book of Enoch.