How to summarize Genesis 1-5 on one page?

A quick summary of Genesis leading up to the events of my main story based on Genesis 6:1-4.

Editing for a Spring Release + REVIEWS!

Since finishing the second draft of the book, I've taken a break from writing for a few weeks. Reasons for the break have been partially to clear my head and come back to the material for a final draft with fresh eyes, partially to give time for friends and others to read through it and … Continue reading Editing for a Spring Release + REVIEWS!

Where does the story come from?

Dive into the ancient writings that set the foundation for the story. The Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient historians and mythology - they all tell the same story.

Writing ‘The Descent of the Gods’

The epic story of the Nephilim, Watchers, and the Antediluvians that opposed them, as written about in the Bible, the Book of Enoch, Josephus and more!

Biblical fiction – What are the rules?

Rules for writing Christian fiction based on the Bible and incorporating extra-Biblical sources in a respectful and reasonable way.

Script accepted to the BIG CROSS LOS ANGELES Film Festival

So it's probably time for an update! My family and I recently returned to Europe after 6 weeks of visiting family and working out of the office in Indianapolis. Needless to say, no work was accomplished onThe Descent of the Gods during that time, however, that's not to say nothing was going on. I'm very … Continue reading Script accepted to the BIG CROSS LOS ANGELES Film Festival

Naming ‘The Descent of the Gods’

The story behind the story of the ancient nephilim, Watchers before Noah's flood as recorded in the Book of Enoch.