Using Wattpad to get feedback on book drafts

Here’s an unsolicited message from a reader who finished reading Draft 1 of The Descent of the Gods on Wattpad today.

“Waiting impatiently for more… It was easy to read cause it blew my mind… I wonder why you have so few readers and followers – your work is genius. I think it’s time to share, I don’t usually do all this but your book is worth it….sharing time.”

Then we discussed some details about what they enjoyed most, and they also submitted some suggestions for improvement.

The Wattpad app/site makes it really easy to read books like mine for free, so it’s been a nice way to get feedback and see how people are relating to the story even if it’s not a final draft.

Much of the content on Wattpad isn’t of very high quality, so readers don’t seem to mind when I tell them my novel on the site is a first draft – they read it anyway, connect with the characters, enjoy the events, and are happy to chat about their favorite aspects and ideas and suggestions afterwards. This has been a great way to confirm what aspects of the story are resonating with people, which elements need improvement, or just how people react to events and characters in the story.

Another beneficial result is getting unexpected feedback about your work, as you’re slaving away through the next draft. It’s so easy to forget the magic of the story that originally inspired you, so Wattpad is also a great tool to get that occasional reminder that what you’re doing is worth all the suffering. 😉

Here’s the link to the draft of my novel on Wattpad…


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